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Baby-shower gift “12 month photo canvas”

If you are looking for a personal homemade baby-shower gift for a dear friend, then this might just be the right thing: Baby’s first year monthly photo series.
This does not need much time, but is a wonderful memory for your friend.

Needed items:

  • canvas
  • acrylic paint & brushes
  • 12 nice clothes pegs
  • glue and markers



Step 1:
Paint the canvas. There is no limit to your creativity. Paint colors, patterns and decorate it to suit your friends taste, whom the gift is for. I found it nice, if there is space left in the middle of the canvas to write a sweet poem or saying.

Step 2:
Once the paint has dried, glue the 6 clothes pegs on the top and 6 on the bottom of the canvas leaving the same gap between each one. Write “1 month”, “2 months”, “3 months” all the way to 12 months next to each clothe peg. If you like you can write a poem in the middle of the canvas.

Your homemade baby’s 12 month photo canvas is finished! Don’t forget to explain to your friend, that every month they need to take a photo of the baby and hang it up on the correct clothe peg.


The completed baby’s first 12 month photo canvas

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