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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Presenting… the next main character:

snake-01One of Puck’s best friends is Fiona. She is a snake.

A very opinionated snake. She knows exactly what she wants and most of the time how to get it.

Being a snake means she is cold blooded. That’s why she starts her day by sunbathing to warm up.

Fiona likes to eat insects and small animals like mice, rats and birds. But Fiona’s favorite food are eggs.

When Fiona isn’t hunting for food or sun bathing she is hanging out with her friends.

She loves to explore the forest and go on adventures with them.

Now you know two out of three of the main characters of Bucklethorn Forest. Can you guess what creature the last main character might be?

Stay tuned to find out.

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Proud to present … coloring pages

coloring-sheet-drawingMy dear friends and readers,

There is a new feature to explore and try out on my blog.

You can download “Bucklethorn Forest” coloring pages for your children to enjoy. They are free, so print them out and start the fun.

Encourage your children to use their imagination. They can add their own characters, forest life and adventures in every coloring sheet.

Keep checking the blog for new coloring pages. I will be updating them once in a while.

I would love to see your finished masterpieces. Feel free to post photos of them on my facebook page for everyone to admire.

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