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Monthly Archives: August 2015

May I introduce… Bucklethorn forest:

buckthorn-1Buckthorn is a tree, from which I invented Bucklethorn forest.
It is quite common in Europe, North America, North Asia and Africa. Depending on the type of Buckthorn it bears either black or orange berry-like fruit. The orange berries are edible and very healthy. The black berries are highly toxic!

Bucklethorn forest is an imaginary place set in North America.
It is a thick and well protected area for animals to flourish and find refuge.

Throughout the story I tried to keep the facts as accurate as I could. As a teacher my goal is, for children to enjoy books. If while doing so they learn something, then it’s a double gain.

All the characters and animals in my story, you find in forests of North America.

My characters live in burrows, dens and the trees of Bucklethorn forest, which is rich in food and water.

I’m not spoiling the surprise of who my characters are quite yet.
But it’ll be coming soon, so keep checking my blog if you want to find out.

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Welcome … but to what?

My dear friends and readers,

Yes, I am entering the world of blogging. Quite ironic I know, since anyone who knows me well would never expect me to voluntarily spend time on a computer. So why am I doing it?

I am following a dream I’ve had for a long time. I am actually going to try and publish my very own book! And if it all works out, a book series!

I wrote this story using characters, that I could see myself illustrating. I based the story in a forest, since I love drawing trees and anything else you might find in a forest.

I am very proud and excited to announce that the story is written and basically finished. At the moment I am handing it around for proofreading.

book-2My awesome husband has shown me how to use a computer program that makes it easier to finish and detail the illustrations better.

My evenings are spent with playing around on the computer creating the pictures for the book. I often realize I am missing something small or would like to add something else into the picture. Then I move to my desk and draw up a new item.

Stay tuned for some more posts on how I am creating the illustrations.

I hope I can encourage some of you to do the same as I am doing – tackle your dream to make it happen!

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